Prescribed Motion

Running Gait Analysis

At Prescribed Motion, our Running Gait Analysis includes a thorough physical exam, assessment of any pain/injury or performance deficits, and analysis of your running gait pattern using video analysis.

With the video analysis we view your gait pattern in slow motion and capture still frames that allow us to precisely assess each moment of your gait cycle.

This service is beneficial for both injured and non-injured runners who are looking to enhance performance and prevent and/or address injury.

Running Gait Analysis

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Not all running styles are created equal. Gait analysis is a highly effective way to enhance your running performance regardless of where you are in your running journey!

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Prescribed Motion is located at 5501 Main Street in Williamsville.


You can find us directly off the Main Street East exit on the I-290. We are in the Talbots Plaza, situated in between the Original Pancake House and Glen Park Tavern and directly across the street from the 5500 Main Street clock tower office buildings.


Our parking lot and entrance door are located in the rear of the plaza.