Prescribed Motion

Physical Therapy

Don't settle for living a life that is limited by pain and restriction. We'll design an individualized physical therapy program that gets you out of pain and gives you back the strength and confidence you need for everyday living and athletic performance alike.

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy

We use these techniques to help alleviate pain, restore motion and regain function.

Manual Therapy

Our physical therapy is different. Unlike many clinics that rely heavily on modalities or have you pay to perform simple exercises in the clinic that can easily be performed at home, we place a strong emphasis on providing skilled manual therapy, followed up with appropriate corrective exercises specific to your needs.

Corrective Exercise

Your therapist will prescribe and teach you specific corrective exercises to complement and reinforce the manual treatment that was performed during the session. These corrective exercises are the building blocks on the path towards your pain-free life. You do the work, we work with you, and the results happen naturally.

Patient Education

Finally, you can stop guessing at the effectiveness of your exercise routine and feel confident in the power of your plan.

It’s Great for Those Who

Need to Get Better in a Hurry, Especially Athletes

Our one-one-one, individualized sessions will help athletes get rid of that nagging pain quicker and get back to competing in the sports they love.

Visited Physical Therapists With Little Success

Say goodbye to your old views of physical therapy. Our specialized assessment and treatment sessions will have you feeling better, faster!

Have Become Frustrated by Pain, Progress, or Injury

If you are not feeling your best, don't settle. Allow us to help you get back to 100% and back to your active lifestyle without limitation.

Private Physical Therapy

In order to provide this type of elite care, Prescribed Motion operates as a fee-for-service clinic. This means that payment is due at the time services are rendered and we will NOT bill your insurance company.

We can, upon request, provide receipts with diagnosis and treatment codes which you may choose to submit to your insurance company. Once your insurance company processes your claim, you may be reimbursed directly according to their reimbursement scale.

Without the hassle of dealing with third-party payers, we are able to spend significantly more time 1-on-1 with patients providing hands-on treatment. As a result, PEOPLE GET BETTER MUCH QUICKER!

Hourly Session

Private, one-on-one sessions specifically geared towards your needs.

Skilled manual therapy, corrective exercise and patient education.

Physical Therapy

Hourly Sessions

Our therapists will listen to your specific issue, assess your body and provide treatment, exercise and education based on your specific needs.

Treatment Session

Follow up sessions will provide the therapist opportunity to check in on your condition and progress your treatment and exercise appropriately for your continued health.